Wednesday, August 29, 2018


From time to time, I would like to add in book or movie reviews that I think are helpful. Here is a movie review of an important documentary that I believe all Americans should watch.

Documentary, 2014 (90 min.)

This film by Kip Andersen looks at the primary cause of green-house gas production: animal agriculture. Andersen explores the levels of destruction that factory farming has on the earth and the environment. He asks the question, "Why are environmental groups ignoring this?" He points out the real inconvenient truth behind Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth."

Throughout the movie, Andersen tries to meet with large environmental groups like Greenpeace, The Sierra Club, Oceana, and the WWF to see what their position is on animal agriculture being the main cause of environment destruction. Time and time again, he is turned away. He also attempts to talk government officials with the same basic results. In between, you get commentary from experts willing to talk about the real issues. Finally, Andersen intermingles cases where the animal agriculture business has used influence, intimidation, and even murder to protect their turf. He notes that groups continue to focus on fossil fuels as the cause which animal agriculture is responsible for a much higher percentage of green house gas emission.

If you consider yourself an environmentalist, then you should probably watch this movie. If you are concerned about climate change, then you should probably watch this movie. And after you watch this movie, you might want to consider eating plant-based more often.

Available on Netflix and Amazon as of this post.

Read Greenpeace's after the movie release response here.

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